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My purpose and passion is the study of the human. We are fascinating, fabulous, and frightening beings ... simply put: a beautiful mess. My writings seek to reflect the many faces of us and provoke contemplation, even perhaps greater understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live.
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Americans spend a lot of time bashing "the government." Ironic, since We, The People, are the government. Institutions -- companies or governments -- are neither good nor bad, 'tis the people that make them so. That's said, check out this essay about the purpose of our government and its bureaucracy:
Why Government Matters
Modern science supports what ancient sages knew -- what we all know if we would only remember ... Power is the path, force is a lost highway
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My study has been both formal and informal, from contemplating  great thinkers (sung and unsung)  -- Plato to de Beauvoir, Lao Tzu to Langston Hughes, Machivelli to Ghandi, office co-workers to activist colleagues.

My experience: day-to-day living; communications and policy expert in profit and nonprofit sectors, as an entrepreneur and provocator, and as one of 7 billion humans hurtling through space on Mother Ship Earth.

Unless otherwise noted all content and expression herein is solely mine. 

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